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Tree Care Services in Omaha Nebraska


Yard Market's team of certified arborists provide a wide variety of tree care services to the greater Omaha area. From deep root fertilizing, fungicide treatments, emerald ash borer treatments, iron and micro-nutrients, trunk injections, insecticide spraying, tree removal, trimming, planting and more!!

Tree removal and trimming services
Tree Removal & Trimming

Trim the canopy or remove an old tree with a little help from the professionals this year. Our team is here to provide first-in-class services to greater Omaha area. Contact us today for your free estimate!

Tree Fertilizing and Injections
Fertilizing & Injections

Nutrients can be a vital part of any tree's overall health. Yard Market offers tree both deep root fertilizing and trunk injection services to help when necessary.

In addition to our deep root tree fertilizing application, we offer an iron + micro-nutrient trunk injection (Iron Chlorosis) that can be done anytime throughout the season.

Tree Insecticide Treatment Services
Insecticide Treatments

Yard Market's team of certifide arborists are here to help you keep the bugs away from your trees this year with our insecticide spraying services. Includes Four applications throughout the season.  

Tree Fungicide Services

Spring Evergreen Fungicide (Needlecast on Spruce & Other)....................Two applications in early spring

Spring Crabapple & Pear Fungicide (rust & scab treatment).....................Two applications in early spring

Emerald Ash Borer Treatment
Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

This pesky critter has a reputation. Our emerald ash borer treatment can be effective up to 2 seasons. Contact us today to see if this treatment is right for you!

Tree Planting
Other Tree Services

Don't see what the tree care services that you are looking for?

Contact us today for any other additional tree care services!


Tree Care Services


Proper tree care can be as vital as it is confusing.  Fortunately, Yard Market's team of certified arborists are here to help you with all of your questions and needs.  

Contact us today with questions or additional information about our tree care services!

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